Meditation group sessions at SBP&W are led by Dr. John Cottone and focus on providing members with didactic training and education on an array of mindfulness, breathing, and relaxation techniques. The primary aim of the SBP&W meditation group is to help individuals quiet their minds, reduce anxiety and become increasingly aware of the subtle stimuli (both internal and external to themselves) that affect them in each moment. An additional component of these groups is to connect the practice of meditation to an array of relevant teachings from the Buddhist, Zen and Hindu traditions that have developed and refined this practice.

In addition to the SBP&W meditation group, Dr. Cottone also provides individual meditaiton instruction for those who are interested. For details, contact Dr. Cottone using the information provided below.


John G. Cottone, PhD
Phone: 631-941-2211

NOTE: The SBP&W meditation group requires pre-screening before entry to the group. Pre-screening, which involves a brief clinical assessment and interview, is performed to ensure that individuals are appropriate for the group, for their own safety and wellbeing.